Case Study: The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (December 2021)

Concierge Director: Yaakov Goldstein
Patient Age: 74
Admission Date: 10/18/2021
Admitted From: New York Community Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/20/2021
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 Months
Reason for Stay: Patient fell at home, resulting in Femur fracture
How did this patient hear about The Chateau? The social worker at the hospital.

Details of experience:

On October 18th, 2021, The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center welcomed Mr. Stephen Spiewak. Before his short stay at New York Community Hospital, Mr. Spiewak was living at home, doing everything by himself. Unfortunately, he could not remain alone due to a bad fall and needed therapy. While in the hospital, the social worker told Mr. Spiewak a few different places where he could transfer to get the help he needed. As soon as the social worker mentioned The Chateau, Mr. Spiewak knew it was the place for him. Within the next 12 hours, he was admitted to the facility.

Upon his arrival to The Chateau, Mr. Spiewak was greeted by the administrator, director of nursing, and concierge. They each welcomed him to the facility and wanted to make sure he was comfortable from the first day. After settling into his room, the rehabilitation and nursing members from the unit came over to introduce themselves and ensure he had everything he would need. The physical, occupational, and speech therapists all came to perform their evaluations on that first day. Mr. Spiewak had a goal to go back home and live independently, just like he did in the past. With this knowledge, the therapists could develop a plan designed around that goal.

From the first day of therapy, Mr. Spiewak was able to feel a difference. He felt his muscles were getting stronger, and he was getting more confident. Within a few days, he began to do small things by himself… like brushing his teeth and putting on his shoes. The therapists knew he could do more, and Mr. Spiewak felt the same way. He wanted to push himself so he could accomplish his goal. Each day, Mr. Spiewak would do more than the previous day. He was determined to live by himself and feel strong again.

After a few weeks, Mr. Spiewak was seen walking around the halls, doing most activities by himself. He could not stop thanking each staff member who had helped through this journey. Mr. Spiewak said, “The staff here is incredible! They are always here for me, helping me with everything and anything I might need. The rehab team is second to none. They are the best. Without them, I would not be able to accomplish my goal”.

After a few more days of therapy, Mr. Spiewak had a discharge date set for December 20th, 2021. As he walked out of the facility by himself, he yelled out, “I did it! I did it! I completed my goal”!

We, at The Chateau, wish him the best and are honored to be able to have helped another amazing man make his wishes of independent living come true!!