Case Study: The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (Q2 2023)

Concierge Director: Yossi Mandelbaum
Patients Age: 80
Admission Date: 4/3/2023
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Hospital Brooklyn
Discharge Date: 6/15/2023
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 months and 12 days
Reason for Stay: Strength Training
How did this patient hear about The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? Dr. Janani from the hospital recommended the Chateau.


Details of experience:

Monica arrived at The Chateau on April 3rd. At first, Monica was uncertain about staying at The Chateau. When Monica arrived in her room, she was introduced to her CNA, Mrs. Wendy. Mrs. Wendy was so kind, warm, funny, and polite that Monica knew she had made the correct decision to come to the Chateau. Both Mrs. Saintilma and Mrs. Wendy transformed the atmosphere to enable Monica to feel as if she was at home with her family.

Upon Monica’s arrival, she was in pain and could not extend her knee fully. Monica also had elevated blood pressure. During this time, the Chateau’s Director of Nursing, Mrs. Poulard, had stopped by just to say hello to Monica and her family. As Mrs. Poulard arrived, she noticed Monica’s high blood pressure and acted immediately. Mrs. Poulard contacted the doctor and displayed characteristics of professionalism as well as swiftness to find a solution immediately. On top of Mrs. Poulard’s swift resolution to Monica’s high blood pressure, Dr. Janani (Monica’s) doctor was also a key factor in her recovery. Dr. Janani used his knowledge and expertise in medicine to keep Monica’s pain to a minimum so that she could focus all her energy on her physical therapy. His expertise in medicine was so obvious from his skills in finding the correct combination of medications for Monica.

A special thank you to Samantha from physical therapy. She was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, caring, and patient, and did an amazing job. A special thank you to Mrs. Sweeney, Sophia Campbell, Rachel (LPN), Martha from housekeeping, Kiki, and Amby for caring for Monica as if she were direct family. A final thank you to Monica’s supervising Nurse, Mrs. Young, who has done an exceptional job by taking the time to make sure all residents on both the first and fifth floors are taken care of.

Monica’s experience at The Chateau was one of love, care, professionalism, warmth, sensitivity, and just an overall fantastic experience.

Monica and her family are grateful and appreciative of the care and expertise that the Chateau provided.