“The staff here are amazing. I’m so glad I chose The Chateau for rehabilitation.” -A. Dickerson

“My experience at The Chateau made all the difference. It is very hard to have to put a family member in a facility and not have them home with you. With that being said, I never once had to worry about my family member concerning her care, happiness, or well-being. She was treated well, taken care of, and the staff on the 4th floor had the utmost patience, understanding, and love for her. Everything was done to make sure she was happy and had everything she needed. She spent the last 21 months at the facility following a stroke. The therapists worked hard each day on her recovery, the nurses and aides took care of her needs and made sure that she knew she wasn’t alone for a minute. The staff that took care of her needs went beyond expectations!! I also must mention the warm and welcoming greeting that I received daily from Denise at the front desk, all the care and time Susan took to do beading and coloring with her, and the constant communication from Isaac, Mr. Katz, and the 4th-floor nursing supervisor. I was able to speak to Rose, who was 92, every single day thanks to her dedicated aides who dialed the phone for her each night, or even during the day if Rose wanted to call me. I highly recommend this facility for all that want peace of mind when they have to need to be in a place for recovery or to live.” – Donna G.

“There are no words to express how grateful I am to find this place. I had just lost my mother, and I need a place for another family member for short term rehab care. I truly felt this place was a second home to our family. All the staff members were so caring and called us daily to give us updates and to check how we were feeling. Thank you to every single person in that community. I don’t know where we would be if we didn’t have you.” – Sima K.

“My experience at The Chateau has been surreal. I came here after my accident and thought that even if I walked again, it would be painful and I would need a device. However, I am now almost completely independent and feel like I owe everything to my therapists, Mihir and Gene.” – David R.

“As the HR Director at The Chateau, I love being part of a community where we strive for the best in a family like environment. Being able to help the staff support each other makes it a joy to work here.” – Christa B.

“Everyone that I encountered at The Chateau was wonderful, professional, and caring. Keep up the good work!” – J. Sapienza

“Lika, my brother’s nurse, is amazing. She has a magical touch with her residents and constantly makes sure that he is taken care of. Although she is very busy, she always manages to make all her residents feel good and ensures that all of their needs are met.” – Alan B, Brother of Resident

“My stay back in 2016 was so great that I had to come back again when I fell and needed rehab.” – Myrna W.

“From the moment I got a call from the admissions office until I left The Chateau, everyone who I came across has acted with such professionalism and respect. I will be forever grateful for the care that I have received while at The Chateau.” – Robert R.

“After my wife was a resident at three other rehab centers I wasn’t very excited when the hospital informed us that they wanted her to go for another stint at rehab. However, since my arrival at The Chateau, our whole attitude has changed. The staff are all nice and treat us well. My wife actually enjoys the food and has even put on a few pounds. I am so grateful that the social worker recommenced The Chateau to us, and I would do the same for anybody else.” – F. H., Husband of a Subacute Patient

“The Chateau is a very loving and caring facility. I spent three months here and was treated like family.” – C. Alocca

“My stay at The Chateau has been wonderful. I came here after taking a fall at home and breaking my hip. The rehab staff, along with the nurses helped me recover to the point where I am now going home walking with a cane. Thanks for all of your help!” – D.C.

“The Chateau has made a very difficult experience in my life a lot easier to deal with. The staff are all caring and friendly, I will always remember how well I was treated both as a patient and person.” – Rose C.

“I love working at The Chateau, especially during the holiday season when everything is so festive. Some residents feel sad that they are not at home for the holidays, but our job is to make sure that they feel that they are with their family during their stay.” – K. H., CNA

“The staff are all great here. I especially appreciate what the therapists do for me on a daily basis to ensure that I am able to return home and continue living the life I have been used to before I fell.” – Steve L.

“I am so happy with the environment in the gym; all of the staff are superb. The therapists constantly kept my goals in front of me and always pushed me to do better than I did the day before. The team is also very kind. Even when I couldn’t walk, they never made me feel incompetent; they just motivated me until I reached me goals.” – M. Feldhiem

“The staff at The Chateau are really great, they all work in sync to make sure that I am well taken care of. From rehab, to nursing and the food, to activities; all the departments do such an amazing job of making me comfortable and happy throughout my journey to recovery.”- M. Rosenberg

“The staff at The Chateau are all so nice to me; they treat me like family. I am so happy that I chose to come here instead of going straight home after the hospital!” – M. Haynes

“I am so happy that I made the decision to come to The Chateau after my knee replacement. The surgeon was trying to get me to go straight home after the operation, but I insisted on getting rehab in a rehab center. All of the staff have been so nice to me and the rehab team got me up and walking without even a cane. I cannot believe how far I’ve come and its wouldn’t have been possible without everyone here.”

“The Chateau is a wonderful place, I came here after a knee replacement and can’t believe how well I have been doing here. The therapists are great, and everyone who works here always has a smile on their face. I am so excited to go home but I am a little sad that I’m going to be leaving my family here at The Chateau.”

“All of the staff at The Chateau are very friendly, anything that I needed or would ask them, they would deliver. Ms. Agnes, the CNA, has been exceptional; she always had a smile on her face, which would brighten up my day. Tracy, my physical therapist, and Jeanne, my occupational therapist, would constantly put me at ease and did everything very patiently. All of my expectations of a rehab center have been exceed here.” – Louis L.

“Having held a 30 year career in the field of nursing, rehab and assisted living, I found myself in March of 2017 on the other side of the admissions desk. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for helping my mother’s transition and transfer process seamless and incredibly comforting. My sisters and I were facing the daunting task of moving our 102 year old mother back to Brooklyn, the place where she had lived her earlier 100 years and wanted desperately to return. I found The Chateau at Brooklyn on line and proceeded to do my homework. I was so pleased to learn about the facility, its many services, amenities and sterling reputation. The staff, especially the nurses, rehab person, social workers and certified nursing assistants have been so attentive to our needs and my mother is receiving wonderful care and thriving at the young age of 102!

Living in another state, some 250 miles away, any concerns and questions I may have about Mom’s progress and her health status are always met by return phone calls and reassurance from your professional nursing staff. On behalf of our family, I would like to acknowledge what an awesome community The Chateau at Brooklyn is and I wish you continued success in the future and we thank you all again for the good works that you provide for so many.” – Lucille S.

“The Chateau at Brooklyn is a very nice place; the building is very clean and well organized. The staff are all very compassionate and always have a smile on their face. I would like to make a special mention of a few particular staff members that went above and beyond to make sure I was doing well throughout my stay. Erica is a very well spoken nurse who knows how to communicate well with her patients, she understands the difference of speaking TO someone and not AT them, always making sure to explain everything that she was doing, which I appreciated very much. My CNA Ms. Caswell was very patient and took special care of me, along with my PT Max who was so concerned about me being able to walk on my own again without having any pain in the process.” – Yolanda H.

“The food at The Chateau at Brooklyn is delicious, I like that if there is something on the menu that I’m not in the mood of at the given time, I can order something from the kitchens alternate menu and they’ll give me something that I’m more in the mood of. On top of that the staff are very nice especially my CNA Ms. Agnes who is a real doll and takes great care of me.” – Carmella D.

“I love going to therapy at The Chateau. Eugene, my therapist, pushes me to the limits. Every night when I go to sleep I get excited because I know that when I get up the first thing in the morning I will get my therapy and continue on my road to recovery.” – Irwin S.

“The Chateau at Brooklyn is a great place to come when you need a little rest and therapy. The staff on the first floor takes great care of me; Ms. Young and Stephanie are both amazing nurses that at all times make sure I’m feeling good. Aries, from the Dietary Department, who comes up to serve us our delicious meals, is a really kind gentleman and goes out of his way to make sure we are all enjoying our food and helps us get anything special that is not on the menu. I really appreciate everyone here!” – Griselda T.

“I’ve been working here for 22 years and I really enjoy what I do. The staff here is like my family… they’re who I celebrate my holidays with. I love how we are all so diverse but get along so well.” – Quincy B., Housekeeping

“I love working at The Chateau, everyone here is my family. Whenever I welcome a new resident, as they’re being admitted I tell that they are family now, and everything that they need will be taken care of for them.” – Team member

“I love all the staff at The Chateau, they are all very helpful. When I brought in clothes for my husband, I forgot to have them labeled and he wore them… instead of me taking it home to wash it, they brought it downstairs, cleaned it in their own machine then labeled it for me. I really appreciate how they went above and beyond for my husband all the time.” – Mary A., resident’s wife

“I love working with your Rehab team; the therapists are amazing, without them I’d still be sitting in bed all day, now I’m able to walk with cane.”

“The staff here are all really great, especially the therapists; they really motivate me and give me the confidence that I need to start walking on my own again.”

“As a therapist at Chateau, I am excited about assisting residents to reach their goals and return to their prior living situations. Rehab at Chateau is great and I recommend this facility to everyone in the community and Brooklyn.” – E. Hunter, Occupational Therapy

“I look forward to coming in to work to interact with the residents. I love helping the residents with the activities. I feel like I make a difference in their lives and they make a difference in mine.” – E. Clarke

“I have worked at The Chateau for many years. By working in different departments, I have been able to see all aspects of the care we provide from the admission to discharge. It is because of this that I can say The Chateau is the best around.” – E. Nelson

“I have worked here for over four years and have seen many patients leave after a short rehab stay looking better than when they arrived. What I love the best is watching people overcome their obstacles and return to their lives.” – A. Urciuoli

“I love it here at Chateau. Everyone treats me so nicely, especially the CNAs -it is my home.” – S. Joseph

“Since coming here, I have grown tremendously. The staff is like a second family here.” – D. James

“The Chateau is a wonderful place to be. If you come here and join the fun you will be pleased!”
– K. Windley

“Chateau is a beautiful place. All of the staff treat me very nicely. The food is good and I’m happy to be doing my rehab here.” – M. Pernice

“From quality of care to cleanliness of facility, the Chateau is top notch. I’ve witnessed our residents benefit greatly from our superb rehab and therapy sessions in our subacute unit. And for our long term residents’ comfort, safety and satisfactory care is happily maintained. We provide skilled care along with professionalism and kindness.” – T. Joseph

“I think the best part of Chateau is the therapy department – both occupational and physical therapy. The staff in that department is very thorough and knowledgeable. You can tell they care about the residents.” -S. Reiter

“I find it very fulfilling to play a role in helping our residents improve and achieve their full potential.” – M. Walker

“Working at The Chateau at Brooklyn has been a pleasure. As a registered nurse, I enjoy treating our residents as if they were my family. Our excellent recreation staff keep our residents smiling, which warms my heart. Many come back to visit, maintaining the warm, friendly atmosphere.” – E. Sapphire

“The Chateau at Brooklyn is a home. Our residents feel very comfortable and happy. Many residents have expressed that they love the way the staff takes care of them. I have worked at The Chateau for 21 years and it feels like I am part of a big family. I treat each of them as if they were my own family. As a CNA, there is not one day that goes by that I am not excited to come to work.” – K. Hall

“Working at The Chateau is a wonderful experience. We are not only nurses to our residents; for some of them we are family. Our residents are very happy with the care they receive.” – C. Holmes

“The Chateau at Brooklyn is a great place. It is clean and well-maintained. Most importantly, the staff is wonderful and very attentive to all patients.” – M. Feinstein

“I have been at the Chateau for almost five weeks. The staff here have been wonderful. The nurses and the aids are very kind and caring. The best thing about being here has been the therapy. Melvin and Gwen have worked wonders.” -S. Bienenfeld

“Working at the Chateau has been a fantastic experience. Everyone works together as a team, which makes a big difference when caring for residents. I have learned so much and each day I learn more. I look forward to coming to work every day as each day is a new lesson.” -S. de Castillo

“While working here, I have found that no matter the residents’ circumstances, our staff is constantly striving to make their stay as secure and beneficial as possible.” – A. Wing

“I find it very fulfilling to play a role in helping our residents improve and achieve their full potential.” –M. Walker

“I look forward to coming in to work to interact with the residents. I love helping the residents with the activities. I feel like I make a difference in their lives and they make a difference in mine.” – E. Clarke

“The Chateau is a wonderful place to work. I love to welcome all patients. I empathize with all of my residents who I come to love. Once you have patience and respect, the residents will be comfortable with you being their caregiver. I love my residents and my job.” –S. Pope

“Working at The Chateau at Brooklyn brings a wonderful learning experience engaging in daily recreational activities with seniors to encourage and maintain their quality of life. I look forward to work and spending time with my residents every day.” –S. Sobolev

“Chateau is my home away from home. The residents, staff and visitors are family – that’s why I love working in recreation! I get to spend my days having fun with my Chateau family. Parties, celebrations, active games and special events that we all look forward to make everyday worth it!”
–L. Claudio, Recreation

“The nursing care at Chateau is outstanding. My wife is getting A1 care. The staff is outstanding and has been very helpful to our needs.” –R. Westover

“It has come to feel like my second home. My children are comfortable and familiar with the residents here, they even refer to some of them as grandma and grandpa. I am satisfied with the care that my grandfather received here during his last three years of life. The staff on the fifth floor gave him excellent care and for that, I am forever grateful. What keeps me going is that I look at every resident as a family member.” -N. Burke