Case Study: The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (April 2017)

Patients Age: 83
Admission Date: 3/16/2017
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Brooklyn
Discharge Date: 4/07/2017
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 23 Days
Reason for Stay: Muscle Weakness
How did this patient hear about The Chateau? Social Work Department at Mt. Sinai, Brooklyn.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Yolanda Herrera was admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn after her stay at Mt. Sinai Hospital- Kings Highway Division. When she was admitted to the hospital, Ms. Herrera experience respiratory complications at home. After spending time in the hospital, her legs became weak and it was recommended by her doctor that she seek rehabilitation. When discussing with the social worker at the hospital, they suggested that she transfer to The Chateau, because of the close proximity to her home and the incredible care provided.

Upon arriving at The Chateau, Yolanda was very happy to see that the social worker at the hospital was correct! She was greeted by all disciplines who welcomed her, and shared how they would be helping her through her healing journey. She was very impressed by how clean and organized the building was kept and how the staff did such a great job taking care of her. In her own words Ms. Herrera shared, “The Chateau is a wonderful community where all my needs are taken care of. The CNAs on the first floor are very compassionate, especially Ms. Carlswell who takes care of me in the morning and is very patient with me while helping me take care of all my needs. Erica, the nurse, is very well-spoken and has the great talent of being able to speak with me, always explaining what is going on with my health and making sure I understand it”.

Before Yolanda admitted to the hospital, she was living independently and able to take care of her needs without the help of anyone; however, upon being discharged to The Chateau, she was unfortunately unable to perform a lot of those tasks that seemed so simple to her at one point. When she met with her therapist, Max, he told her that he will make sure that in a couple of weeks she will be back to her original status and that she was in prior to the hospitalization, which was definitely the case. At first, the therapy seemed a bit painful as she was utilizing muscles that she had not in quite some time. She would often have to pause every couple of minutes to catch her breath, but after some time and building up her stamina, Yolanda was able to walk and climb stairs as if nothing had ever happened! She also regained the skills that she needed to dress herself and take care of her activities of daily living.

On April 7th, Ms. Herrera was discharged home, and was very excited to be able to spend Easter at home with her family and friends. She was very thankful to all the staff members at The Chateau from the nurses to housekeepers who all made the extra effort to ensure she was comfortable throughout her stay. We wish Ms. Herrera nothing but the best, and hope that she continues getting stronger and healthier so that she can keep enjoying her time with her beautiful family that cares so much about her.