Case Study: The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (Q3 2022)

Concierge Director: Yaakov Goldstein
Patient’s Age: 76
Admission Date: 7/26/22
Admitted From: Staten Island University Hospital
Discharge Date: 9/24/22
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 3 Months
Reason for Stay: Fall, Back pain, Cervical, and Thoracic fusions
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Details of Experience:

On July 26th, 2022, Mr. George Derobertis was admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center after a two-week stay at Staten Island University Hospital. He went to the Hospital after he had a fall in his house, which caused major back pain, limiting his walking ability. At first, the doctors were unsure of what was wrong with him, however, after running multiple tests, they figured it out. They had suggested he go to a rehabilitation facility with the goal of learning how to walk and be independent again. When deciding which facility to go to, Mr. Derobertis used his resource Google and found the best facility, The Chateau.

When coming into the building, he was nervous and anxious about this new journey in his life. Upon entering the lobby, the receptionist and concierge greeted Mr. Derobertis with a warm smile. Instantly, all his fears went away, and he knew he was in the right place. As soon as he made his way into his room, he saw his bed perfectly made, a nightstand without a speck of dust, and a warm welcome bag ready for him. Mr. Derobertis had said this was the highlight of his stay. Seeing how well-prepared the facility was, how clean it is, and the attention to detail from the staff made him that much happier.

Once he settled in, he was greeted by the dietitian, social worker, and recreation team and evaluated by the rehab department. They each saw how motivated he was to get stronger and work toward his goal of independent living. Before beginning with therapy, the rehab team wanted to explain how they planned to help Mr. Derobertis reach his goal and what the course of action would be. The therapists told him that, barring any setbacks, they figured he would be ready to leave after about four months. With this in mind, Mr. Derobertis was ready to work.

Being given orders from the doctors not to put pressure on his legs yet, could make it difficult for a person to strengthen their legs. However, with the rehab team at The Chateau, they found a way. They gave Mr. Derobertis different exercises that helped strengthen his legs while not putting pressure on them. While it is difficult for a person to see progress after a few days, Mr. Derobertis knew this would be a journey and kept putting his best foot forward. After two weeks, he was starting to feel stronger, yet he knew the best was yet to come. Each week, he would look back at himself and see how well he was progressing. He said that even if he was tired or not in the mood, he pushed himself because he wanted to reach his goal. After a couple more weeks, Mr. Derobertis was walking almost 100 feet. He felt confident walking, but living on the second floor with no elevator, meant he needed to master stairs, too. This became the next goal of the journey. The first day he tried stairs, he could barely do one. Three weeks later, he mastered one full flight of stairs.

After a few more weeks, Mr. Derobertis and The Chateau team felt he was ready to go. The social work team started the discharge process and gave him a date of September 24th, 2022. Mr. Derobertis was thrilled with this, and he achieved his goal in three months instead of the four the therapists originally thought. Before he left, he went over to every staff member, thanked them by name, and explained how they each played a vital role in completing his journey.

Before he walked out of the doors, he would say, “Thank you, everyone. From the warm receptionist, getting a great smile from the concierge daily, the incredible care from the nursing team, and the best rehab in the world, I could not have asked for a better place to go during this difficult time in my life. The Chateau gave me my independence back, and I will definitely come back to visit”!

We at The Chateau wish him the best and are honored to be able to have helped another incredible man make his goal of independent living come true.